year two

God the Father sealed you, Christ the Lord strengthened you
and sent the Spirit into your hearts as the pledge of what is to come.

- St. Ambrose

the goal of year two is to challenge and inspire our teens to live the faith as a full member of the catholic church.

all teens who have completed their first year of preparation are year two teens. these are most often tenth grade teens, but can also be in eleventh or twelfth grade.

what does year two look like?


youth group

Continue attending our weekly Youth Groups to grow in formation and community.


saints & sponsors

Choose your patron Saint and Sponsor who will inspire and challenge you to live the faith.


confirmation nights

Six nights in the Fall semester will be Confirmation specific formation with Father Jack.



Complete your service hours to participate in the life of the Church at our parish and in the community.



If you haven't in Year One, join us on one of our fall or winter retreats at Covecrest in North Georgia.

our service hour and retreat requirements must be fulfilled by the end of year two, and completion in year one counts.

// confirmation nights //

these nights occur at the same time as youth group.

all absences must be made up by watching a recording of the night and completing an accompanying reflection.

// register //

year two: $100

if you're transferring from another parish to complete your confirmation preparation, please contact us before registering.

when registering for youth group be sure to select year two.

// make up sessions //

night one: God's call
night two: truth
night three: Freedom
night four: The Holy Spirit
night five: goodness
night six: beauty