youth group

It is Jesus that you seek
when you  dream  of happiness;
He is
waiting for you when
nothing else you find

 satisfies  you.

- St. Pope John Paul II

// 5-7pm in
st. augustine hall

// our goal
bringing teens into a community that challenges, uplifts,
& forms
them to be followers of christ.


year one teens

stmyouth Stamp.png

who comes to youth group?

Beginning their journey to Confirmation, these teens are in their first year of preparation.

year two teens

Completing their journey to Confirmation, these teens have one more year to prepare.

confirmed teens

these teens can continue to join us for additional formation and community.

visiting teens

Friends, coworkers, and family are always more than welcomed to join us.


register //

year one & Two: $100
Confirmed: $50
child of core: $40

all teens not visiting are required to register.

register this july


Games or activities aimed at introducing the topic that we will be looking at for the night.


Talks that takes our topic for the night and make it approachable and livable in every day life.


Small groups providing time for discussion about our topic for the night and how to live it.


stmyouth Stamp.png

WHAT does youth group look like?

Time in prayer and reflection to see how the Lord is leading us to live our topic for the night.

// calendar

year one & Two teens must attend each youth group

absences must be made up

updated calendar comig soon
our annual theme

to be
announced soon
// Make Up sessions //
Series: New Fire
new fire
life in the vine
signs of life
Series: made
made for more
Series: mood
clap back
Series: question everything
religion or freedom
god or unicorn
holy or hypocrite
Series: downside up
downside up
hurry up and wait