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core team

adults (21+) // forming teens

The main goal of our Core Team is to journey with teens in their walk of faith.


This is an incredible group of adults with all kinds of skill sets,

but each Sunday they assist us by doing the following:

relational ministry

By talking to teens and

learning about their lives

we can better journey

with them

co-leading small groups

Giving teens a space

to discuss the faith is

vital in growing

their understanding

assisting with details

Each Youth Group has

many games, talks, and activities that we need help

to make happen


All adult volunteers must have a background check

and attend a Virtus Safe Environment training

before being able to volunteer.


This clearance lasts for five years. 

Our core team participates in four vision nights a year to make sure that our ministry is still in line with our vision.

These meetings occur in the evening and include dinner.



Simply reach out to Kevin Conner to 

discuss joining the team and ask any questions.

Below are applications for Core Team if you're 

ready to begin your process of joining the team today:

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