young apostles

juniors & seniors in high school // peer leadership

The main goal of our young apostles is to grow in relationship with christ and lead other teens to him.


This is an incredible group of teens with all kinds of skill sets,

but each Sunday they assist us by doing the following:

youth group

 taking an active role and having their voice heard while deciding what youth group should look like. 

leading small

 Giving teens a safe space to discuss the faith is vital in growing their understanding. 

assisting with details

 Each Youth Group has many games, talks, and activities that we need help to make happen. 

// young apostle meetings //

we meet each week that we have youth group to grow in community, grow in leadership abilities, and plan youth group.

meetings are from 4-5pm in the youth room.

set up for youth group follows each meeting.

// join young apostles //

applications for each year are available in the summer.

if you'd like to learn more about what young apostles looks like or join the team reach out to kevin conner.