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The goal of mentorship is to provide a place for our teens to receive human and spiritual formation from our leadership teams.

our mentorship plan

A look at how mentorship works and the procedures we follow.



request mentorship

Fill out our request form on the bottom of this page.

Let us know which small group you are in.

Choose a core member or young apostle to meet with.

pair with your mentor

We will process your form and have your mentor reach out to you at our next Youth Group.

We will notify you if there are any changes needed.





schedule a time to meet

Find a time that works for both of you best.

This can be any time outside of youth group.

Meet before or after Youth Group, or even off site. Up to you!

confirm plans with a parent

Your core member or young apostle must confirm the plans for mentoring before the meeting can occur.

Your given contact information will be shared with them.





meet for mentoring

Use a mentorship guide to organize your meeting.

You should meet for under an hour.

Request any guide topics that you'd like.

schedule your next meeting

If you enjoyed your mentoring meeting then plan another.

You do not need to re-request mentoring. Just schedule it directly with your mentor.

No need to meet more than once a month.

Establish which topic you'd like to discuss next.



mandatory reporting

Anything shared by a teen in terms of harm must be reported:

//   Harm to themselves  //

//   Harm done to them  //

//   Harm they are doing to someone  //

We are required to report any of these circumstances to the authorities within 24 hours.


Mentorship meeting topics and questions.

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